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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

gift guide, valentines day, holiday, february, girlfriends, molly jane designs
We’ve all heard the saying that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, and for those who don’t have that special someone to celebrate the holiday with, here is a different perspective.
Regardless of your romantic status, married, single, divorced, or dating, I feel like Valentine’s Day should be a “General Celebration of Love.” Every one of us has a reason to celebrate love, in whatever form that looks like for you in your life. A love between spouses, partners, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, the list goes on. Love is a beautiful gift to be shared and received.
Over the past four weeks, since Finn’s birth, Collin and I have experienced an out pouring of love from the people in our life. My family and close girlfriends have been my rock of support, encouragement and well of advice and knowledge during this transition time to motherhood. I can’t thank each and everyone of these women enough.
So in the same spirit of thankfulness and appreciation towards all the incredibly strong and amazing girlfriends in my life, I decided to create a little inspired Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day. A gift can be a small thing, but the simple act of appreciation for the love and thoughtfulness they have shown you. Below is a list of some of the items I’ve put together for my 2017. Galentine’s Gift Guide:
gift guide, valentines day, holiday, february, girlfriends, molly jane designs
Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Polish ($18):
Capri Blue Mini White Volcano Candle ($12):
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