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Third Trimester: Pregnancy Thoughts & 28 Week Style

Here I am, in my third trimester, and it feels surreal to even type those words. When I first found out I was pregnant, the feelings of joy and disbelief were the first to enter my body.

Collin and I had been hoping and praying for a child. When it happened I don’t think I could really wrap my mind around the reality of what was happening.

I remember going to our 6 week doctor’s appointment and hearing that tiny little “thud, thud” of the heartbeat for the first time and crying tears of joy, laughter and relief. Our little boy (unbeknown to us at the time) was as tiny as a jelly bean and growing strong.

Pregnancy is such an incredibly difficult experience to describe and yet now that I am in my third trimester, I feel even more so that God truly blesses women with the ability to be able to carry life. It is amazing what our bodies have the capability to do.

This past week Collin and I started tackling the nursery, picking out paint colors, and visualizing what we wanted his room to look like. It is all so wonderful and overwhelming in the same moment.

With 10 and half weeks weeks to go, I have to say this specific time in my pregnancy has been my favorite thus far. His kicks and fist pumps are getting stronger and we have begun to be able to see those rolling motions on the outside of my stomach from him playing circus performer on the inside. It is a bizarre and an intimate thing to see!

I’m not going to lie, it is a little crazy at first to see a kick jetting out from your stomach. “Whoa! That was crazy!” were the first thoughts that went through my head, but feelings of excitement, anticipation and love immediately followed for that little bitty life inside.DcSZxc

My level of discomfort at this point is minimal. Sleeping has become a bit more interesting with two large body pillows leaning on me from both sides of the bed while trying to find that magical position that will lure my body to sleep. My poor husband has about 7 inches of the mattress to sleep on at this point, but somehow we are making it work.

Up to this point in my pregnancy, I could see and feel my body changing and also had slowly begun to think in terms of “once the baby gets here…” type thoughts, but now, now all of those thoughts that were, at one time just that, are now becoming a clear, true reality.

When you start to feel a human being kicking inside of you, waking you up with his soft nudges and rolls in the middle of the night, you experience a real mental understanding that this baby is getting stronger by the day and in a short 10 and half weeks will be making his entrance into the world; changing your lives forever and making me a mother and his father, a daddy.08


I have been warned, albeit with a wink and a smile, that those “nice” kicks right now will soon become kicks of discomfort and even pain. That those sweet enjoyable weeks at the beginning of the third trimester melt into the last remaining weeks of feeling larger than a whale, swollen hands and feet and just all-around plain discomfort.

Luckily, I haven’t crossed that threshold and still have several more weeks to go until I reach that crossroads, so far now I am embracing those tender baby kicks, embracing my increasingly round belly and curves and reminding myself that this is a mere moment in time, a quick blink in my life and soon he will be here.04


If there is anything I have learned on this adventure thus far it is this: no one can truly prepare you for this. No matter how many books you read or conversations you with friends or family members who are already mothers. Every woman’s experience is her own and each one is unique and beautiful. You will fret, you will worry until you feel like you are going batty, you will be emotional, you will feel moments of elation and also strong fears of anxiety. There is no perfect road to follow to prepare yourself to become a mother. I think that is apart of the joy and grace of it all. 05

Eleven weeks to go and he will be here. Again, hard for me to wrap my mind around. This pregnancy and all the feelings, thoughts and emotions that accompany it, all the bodily changes both beautiful and interesting are byproducts of this little life growing in me. My son.

I wish to walk the rest of this journey with contemplative peace, giving myself grace as I learn what it looks like to be a mother and place my hand over every kick and nudge I feel. Soon I’ll be holding in my arms and our lives will forever by changed.

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