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Behind the Scenes: Inside my Studio

I’m always curious about people’s work spaces. How they decorate, assemble and organize their surroundings. Inside my Studio many memories are represented: Long nights and early mornings, deep belly laughter, and tears of frustration, hundreds of conversations and even more more dreams created. I wanted to share the behind the scenes happenings, thoughts and a few photos of what my work space is actually like.

Living in a culture where perfectly styled and edited photos on social media rules supreme, and smaller companies have to fight harder than ever to bring quality advertising to their buyers; I feel sometimes we forget that most businesses started from a small idea. An idea that perhaps grew out of someones home before moving onto a bigger platform. For me, that is where I am and that is where my company is too.

Working from home has many pros and cons to it. I’ve had many friends and family make comments about “how nice it must be” to have my office a few feet away at all times. In many ways it is a huge blessing and in many ways it can also be challenging.

When I started Molly Jane Designs I was living in a different home and, believe it or not, working out of my laundry room. It was a tiny house, so I converted one of the “bedrooms” (really the laundry room) into my office. I lived there for over a year while trying to get my company off the ground.

When Collin and I moved into our current home, over three and half years ago, I debated whether or not to officially move my workspace out of the house and rent a studio. After much thought and deliberation, I decided to keep things simple and keep my Studio in house for the time being.img_9775Having my Studio in my home means many different things. Yes, I can go to work in my Yoga pants (huge plus), yet many times my work hours extend way past the traditional 9-5, and that means late nights and early mornings inside that workspace (not so plus).Because my work schedule is still a bit unpredictable at this stage in my company, this is one of the reasons I decided to keep the Studio close by instead of renting a space.

I tend to keep an open door policy in my work environment. Coming from a family of five children, I am comfortable and used to sharing my space. I want the people I work with, the people that have chosen to work with Molly Jane Designs to be feel full-filled, valued and appreciated.08

Having the Studio in my home means having my assistant, Sarah, and the independent contractors I work with on a regular basis, in and out of my home almost daily. My home has became a bit of a shared professional environment. And though I see things changing in the future, as the company continues to grow, I am thankful for this time. I also deeply grateful for the wonderful people I work with and that they are open and willing to work from my home!06

In terms of my decorating style, I like to keep my workspace clean, simple and bright. I love various types of artwork and am a huge fan of abstract paintings. The painting I have hanging above my desk I found almost a year ago and fell in love.

Some of my favorite things about my workspace are the personal touches: the frames filled with pictures of my family and friends and also my book collection. I am constantly rearranging the shelves in my office, adding and taking away books, jewelry busts and meaningful knit-knacks. Arranging a good shelf display is an art form and I’m always envious of those meticulously put together shelf displays you see on Pinterest! Ha!1112

My Studio has taken on many different looks and phases. Not all of them pretty, I assure you. But I like to think that is a metaphor for growing a business from scratch. There are a lot of phases you will walk through that aren’t very pretty. They’re challenging and difficult and make you question yourself, but then comes the phases that are incredibly rewarding and redeeming.10

Make no mistake, starting your own company is hard work. You will put your blood, sweat and tears into making it work and some days are better than others. That being said, I wouldn’t trade what I do for all the tea in China. Every day looks different and I’m continually learning what it means to be a leader, to grow professionally, and to take my company to the next level. Its a continual process and one I don’t see myself tiring of anytime soon.

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